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· If you have a good idea, but you don't know where to start.

· If you think you need huge investment to manufacture the product you need.

· If you want to have your version of NNREPAIR products to sell in your market.

· If you don't want to deal with the documentation, design of the boxes, labels...

· …


Follow the steps given below and get in contact with us to see what we can offer to you.

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Let us help you to develop your dream product quickly without hassle

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Type of product here

Name of your product here

Net Volume / Weight = xx ml/gr


LOT #  xxx-yzv


04-2018                 04-2014

Made in Turkey

Name of your company

Barcode image



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Select curing method

· Visible Light Cure

· Chemical Cure

· Dual Cure

NNREPAIR offers you different methods for curing. Select the version you desire. 

Select the material consistincy of the material you need

· Very flowable

· Flowable

· Paste form

· Putty form

NNREPAIR offers you different product consistencies. Select the option you need.

Select the color of the material

· Clear - Transparent

· Translucent colors

· Opaque light colors

· Opaque dark colors


NNREPAIR offers different levels of opacity and all kinds of colors.

Select the container for the material


NNREPAIR offers you different container sizes for different materials, from 1 ml single component syringes to 50 ml two component cartridges.  

Select the label design and share your logo with us


NNREPAIR offers ready colored label designs for all packaging types. All you need is filling the blanks and choosing the colors. If you need a barcode, it will definitely be there. 

Select the box dimensions and the box design


NNREPAIR offers ready colored box designs . All you need is filling the blanks with your information and choosing the colors. If you need a barcode, it will definitely be there.

Forecast your annual sales volume

· 100

· 1000

· 10000

· ...

We understand that it's sometimes hard to forecast the annual sales during the start-up, but it is a crucial data to calculate your investment. 

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