Advance Technology Repair Solutions


NNREPAIR product series are developed for repairs on surfaces of ceramics, acrylics, natural and engineered stones, fiberglass and many more. NNREPAIR is a production company, all products are developed within the company. As a result of this, customers enjoy huge cost and service advantage.NNREPAIR products are used in more than 40 countries in 5 continents. Every year more than 3 million repairs are made with NNREPAIR products.NNREPAIR is dedicated to improve new technologies and new products in accordance to the industry needs

ABOUT Technology

NNREPAIR products are composite products that are the perfect combinations of acrylic and filler technologies.NNREPAIR products have three different types of curing process: visible light curing, chemical curing and dual (visible light + chemical) curing.Repairs made with NNREPAIR visible light curing materials have color stability more than 8 years (tested by Independent Accredited International Labaroties).NNREPAIR chemical cure materials are perfect for crack repairs. Very low water absorption values and high flexural strength values enable long lasting repairs even below water line.NNREPAIR Dual Cure Repair Materials (DCR) is a new product developed for large surface defects on glazed surface of ceramics and acrylics. It meets the long term color stability of light cure repair materials with the easy application of chemical cure repair materials.

ABOUT Customer

NNREPAIR customers are manufacturers of ceramic products (sinks, washbasins, toilets, urinals, bidets, shower trays….) NNREPAIR customers are manufacturers of acrylic bathtubs, shower trays. NNREPAIR customers are profesional repair and restoration people. NNREPAIR customers are endusers who perform repairs in their apartments, houses, on their boats. NNREPAIR customers are managements of hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and residence buildings.  NNREPAIR customers are resellers of ceramic and acrylic products.