Advance Technology Repair Solutions

NP80™ Light Cure Repair Material for surface defects on very visible areas of ceramic/acrylics

  • Industry now has a real solution for repairs of small defects on very visible areas on ceramics and acrylics
  • Extreme polishing properties
  • No yellowing or fade with time
  • High gloss finish as shiny as ceramic surface
  • The repair area will not get dirty with time
  • 80% nano filler technology (may change with different colors)
  • Cures with blue light
  • Available in almost every color,Custom Color Matching is available
  • 4,5 grams syringe
  • Also works great on other hard surface


Order Data

Light Cure Repair Starter Kit ($200,00) 

Light Unit + 1 syringes of each (NP80™, NP80™-FLOW, NNREPAIR-GLAZE – 2GR, NNREPAIR-GLAZE – 3GR) + Applicator Tool + Accessories. 
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Refill Syringe ($16,00) Click here to buy online     

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New Light Unit